We put a little bit of our heart and soul into every saddle we make. Below are just some of the lovely comments we have received from our Happy Customers. Thank you to all those who take the time to share their satisfaction and journey with us.

Thank you to Richard and Lucy for the wonderful service during my time of purchasing this terrific Barrack Swinging Fender Stock from you. This saddle will be well used and most importantly the fit and comfort for both my horse Jed and myself is the main reason I purchased one from you. Having ridden in a Barrack Saddle during lessons with Dave Mellor, this is when I realised and felt the difference with my horse and my confidence. Again, many thanks and I look forward to many hours in the saddle.
— John Wright, June 2014
Just a little email to tell you all is going well with my saddle. I am more than happy, thank you once again for your great service and quality workmanship. Too often people are quick with any complaints but compliments need not to be forgotten.
I have been doing some great rides out. These really test the saddle fit. I am fortunate that I can ride all the days involved as I have no saddle fitting issues. There are many folk out there with such problems.
I must also mention on many occasions I am asked about my saddle along with compliments on its quality. I feel proud to own it.
Happy Trails :)
— Lisa Veugelers, May 2014

Lisa had owned her Barrack Saddle for over a year when she sent this e-mail to us. We had to work with Lisa over several months to ensure a good fit for her sensitive, short-backed mare. It was a challenge! We're thrilled Lisa is getting so much joy from her saddle!

Thank you so much, the saddle arrived safely and undamaged and very well packed. My saddle looks amazing, the craftsmanship is amazing, you both have done an incredible job. Thank you for my initials, I will take care of it as instructed. Thank you both so much.
— Hilda Stanger, April 2014
Had a 10km ride today and found the Saddle very comfortable, Toppa likes it too. He is moving much more freely and willingly in a canter, which is a big bonus as it has been very frustrating not being able to get him to canter for any distance before. I can only assume that my old saddle was restricting his movement. The very first time I put the new Saddle on him he went straight into a canter from a walk, something he has never done willingly before. So, needless to say I am thrilled to bits with my new Saddle. THANK YOU.
— Ivan Mitchell, January 2014
OMG best Christmas present ever! Thank you both so much for making this all happen. I honestly had no idea!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH. He made me cry I was so excited!
— Angela Edwards, December 2013
Roo and I have been out and about in our new Saddle - I am really pleased with it, not only is it stunning to look at but Roo is actually moving forward better in it, he just feels happier due I think to the great shoulder clearance, so you can put us down as two happy customers. Thanks once again.
— Ruth Lau, New Zealand, October 2013
Hey guys just wanted to say a huge thanks for my amazing Saddle :) finally go to ride in it today it feels great. Thanks again.
— Katie Frost, August 2013
Finally managed to sneak a quick ride in on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday ... the fit is just spot on Richard, love the finish, style and conchos, breast plate fits just right. Love the wide girth too. Magic has gone from ears back, gnashing her teeth and biting the lead rope to licking her lips and ears forward - such a transformation in a small space of time! Simply amazing to witness. And I feel it has freed up her shoulders. So from Magic and I - a big thank you!
— De'hanne Keir, June 2013
The saddle arrived and was on the horse within the hour!! Kevin is very happy with it as is his horse (no more sore back). Once again thank you very much we hope to see you again soon.
— Leeane + Kevin Guihot, April 2013
I have ridden in the saddle with both horses and the fit is excellent. Thanks again for my beautiful saddle I’m very happy with it :)
I’ve just come back from the Snowy’s and love the saddle. Thanks again, :)
— Pam Lamshed, February 2013
... whaw! what a quality product. They have paid so much detail to every part of the saddle and it certainly shows...
When I sat in it, on my horse, if felt like I had been riding in it forever, unlike some saddles when it takes a while to become accustomed to them. Just like a perfectly fitting pair of shoes.
Obviously Lucy and Richard have devoted a lot of time and effort into making their saddles a quality product that is suitable for rider’s safety and comfort.
I would just like to take this opportunity in thanking both Lucy and Richard for all their genuine concerns, helpfulness and kindness, which has helped my horse to now enjoy the time that I have the saddle on her ...
— Pauline Cowey, September 2012