We put a little bit of our heart and soul into every horse we work with. Below are just some of the lovely comments we have received from Happy Customers of our Foundation Horsemanship. Thank you to all those who take the time to share their satisfaction and journey with us.

Loving what you have done for these girls ...
— Rob + Marieke Featonby, June 2014

After we started their 5 & 6 year old Castlebar Endurance bred Arabian mares under saddle! Looking forward to seeing them complete a Quilty!

Thank you again so much for your work with Dom :) He settled back in quickly re-established his authority in the horse paddock!
He was fine today after his mini break - and actually came up to me while I was setting a paddock up to work in and then stayed with me until I was ready to put the halter on.
— Cate Jeffrey, December 2013
I am so pleased with Herbie. Thank you so much for the awesome work you have both done. I have my confidence back and can’t wait to continue to work with Herbie...
Herbie is a different horse. He’s so relaxed under saddle, not weaving much, put some weight on and has the most awesome coat :)
— Lycette Silvey, November 2013 + March 2014
I thought you might like an update on Cosmo. He has been extremely good ... He is, as you say, quite sensitive ... Lots of poles and other activities to keep him focused.
Thanks again for all your great work with him ... Sarah seems to have stolen Mic at this stage - I’m almost hoping no one buys Cosmo!
— Carol Wicks, August 2013

Carol took Cosmo off the market, and is enjoying him all to herself!

Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ again for the truly fantastic work you did with Mic. He is such a willing little horse and has been absolutely perfect.
On Sunday, I rode in the bush for an hour with 2 friends and he did everything asked of him. On Tuesday, Sarah my daughter, came and rode him. She was so excited at how responsive he was - thank you Lucy for the early ‘dressage’ work. I think we may fight over him!! Thank you again. All the very best.
— Carol Wicks, February 2013
Just progress report on Cinnamon. We had him shod last week AND HE WAS PERFECT! Did not put a hoof wrong! We all held our breath for an hour and he was great. He has been really good, great to ride and well-behaved. We went out the other hot day and took him to a neighbour’s paddock where there are some dry creek crossings a few areas to jump up and out of and he was so relaxed and just did it. We came home and unsaddled and washed him and he did not move, so just had to let you know!
— Ray + Marilyn Atkinson, January 2013