Barrack Saddles is a young and energetic enterprise that evolved from Richard + Lucy Barrack's genuine commitment to creating quality hand-crafted, bespoke and practical saddles for horse and rider.

Richard and Lucy own and operate Barrack Saddles from their property in Metcalfe East, Central Victoria, Australia.

For some years, we had been interested in finding out exactly what went into making a well-fitted and balanced saddle that’s optimally suited to both the horse and rider. Our love of horses and belief in the benefits of optimal saddle fit lead us to attend a saddle-making school in Queensland, during a working trip around Australia with three of our horses.”
— Richard + Lucy Barrack

During their Queensland adventure, Richard and Lucy’s passion for all things horse-related culminated in finding the perfect husband and wife profession and business. They returned home to become saddlers!

We both feel very passionate about not only the practical use of a saddle, but all the little details that improve a saddle’s function, durability, aesthetic appeal and, importantly, its fit on the horse and for the rider.
A saddle should cause minimal interference with a horse’s movement and provide good weight distribution across the horse’s back allowing it to maintain good posture and move underneath the saddle comfortably - just like a well-fitted rucksack does not hinder a hiker, yet distributes the weight they are carrying to help them better power up steep hills!
Our bespoke saddles are made to be versatile, fit more than one horse (with possible small changes to saddle pads) and be the right size and shape for the rider.
— Richard + Lucy Barrack

Barrack Saddles provides Richard and Lucy with the opportunity to combine their natural practicality, attention to detail, business acumen and, of course, their love of horses.

BARRACK SADDLES ... Committed to Horse + Rider