Horses started under saddle + Foundation training for any discipline

Richard and Lucy start horses under saddle all year round and provide foundation training for horse and rider at their Metcalfe East property in Central Victoria, Australia.*

We are passionate horse riders and continually seek to better our skills and the performance of our horses. Our skills were tested when we traveled with our horses around Australia working in the cattle industry. We gained a great deal of hands-on knowledge and a broad range of experiences with many diverse horses and their riders.
— Richard + Lucy Barrack

Richard and Lucy train a limited number of horses at their property at any one time to ensure that each horse is well cared for and given the time and attention they each deserve.

Horses started under saddle are ridden in the halter and bridle and progress through their ridden work from the roundyard and arena to paddocks and bush environments. Most importantly, horses are encouraged to travel forward with softness throughout all their work and are educated in a way that teaches them respect, how to handle pressure positively and how to become a safe, responsive, free-moving and balanced riding horse.

Richard and Lucy provide a solid foundation for horses and riders to continue on with ... and because they understand the importance of foundation they are available for ongoing support - to ride the horse at times or more importantly to support the rider with their horse, setting them both up to continue on.

Contact Richard and Lucy to discuss your own and your horse's foundation for the future!

* Other locations by special request/arrangement.

Barrack Foundation Horsemanship ... Committed to Horse + Rider

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